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Extreme Clean Chem-Dry is without question fully committed to bringing the finest in carpet cleaning services and products to the Naples, CA region. With our completely unique method and revolutionary technology we'll be able to revitalize your rugs and carpets to their fresh and primary shape. Because we supply you with the highest quality of carpet cleaning, implementing innovative and green solutions, you'll certainly be very happy with the outcome of your experience. When using Extreme Clean Chem-Dry you're able to be confident that you'll be getting top notch services since our staff of professionals always considers your carpets as our own.

Chem-Dry Vs Steam Cleaning

Residents of Naples, CA can enjoy a new kind of carpet cleaning method that enables Extreme Clean Chem-Dry to stick out above all others in the industry. Conventional carpet cleaning approaches, for example steam cleaning, seek to obtain results by flooding your carpet with water and cleaning chemicals and then continue to suck up just what they're able to. The challenge is that your floor is going to take 1-2 days to dry and also much of the chemical contaminants utilized stay inside the carpet and attract dirt later on. Here at Extreme Clean Chem-Dry we've now solved these problems with our state of the art carbonation powered method.

The Power of Carbonation

Employing the force of millions of carbonated bubbles our industry professionals will cleanse your carpets like never before. All these bubbles are effective at separating dirt and grime and other allergens from your carpet fibers and extracting it to the floor surface where it's then taken out. This procedure will leave your carpets much cleaner than ever before, and the best benefit is that you're able to expect your carpet to dry within 1-2 hours versus 1-2 days! The rewards won't stop there either, this incredible approach is eco-friendly and is not going to damage to the environment.

A Greener Carpet Clean

Our staff members realize that Naples, CA deserves the very best, most definitely when it comes to the cleanliness of your home and the environment you live in. This is exactly why we provide solutions that are non-toxic and are certain to get you the best cleaning while not harming the environment. This means that you can enjoy good as new carpets without having to worry about our methods being harmful to you, your family, and your pets, as well as the surrounding areas you live in!

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