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Whenever you need your carpets cleaned there’s nowhere in Park Estates, CA that gets the job done like Extreme Clean Chem-Dry. Our team uses an original process that has been tried and proven to get even the filthiest of carpets appearing excellent yet again. Furthermore we appreciate the significance of lowering our impact on our environment; that’s precisely why our progressive strategy is green certified. Whenever you use Extreme Clean Chem-Dry you can relax understanding that we’ll provide your house the best quality of care possible while causing no problems in any way to your wellness nor the health of the environment. Allow our professional and helpful technicians get your carpet looking excellent once again by scheduling your consultation today!

An Extraordinary Process

Our strategy works by using the power of carbonation to extract even the deepest of dirt and stains from your carpets and rugs. We blend our risk-free carbonated solution with hot water to explode the dirt and grime straight out of your carpet fibers. We then employ our hot water extraction process to clear away any trace of impurities out of your floors, leaving them cleaner than ever before. Another great feature is that we don’t use detergent and other dirt attracting substances, so your carpets will remain cleaner for much longer. In addition to all of this you can expect your carpets to dry out within just 2-3 hours from the time we finish cleaning them. Our company's advantages speak for themselves and you can now reap the benefits of them right away in the Park Estates, CA area.

Clean, Meet Green

In the realm of small business it’s very easy to let ecological values slip to save money, but at Extreme Clean Chem-Dry we value the surrounding environment and have made it a part of our mission to leave as little impact as possible. Our solution is incredibly effective because of its reliance on the strength of carbonation, however it is also 100 % natural and completely risk-free for the home and also for the environment. In Park Estates, CA get ready to enjoy great looking carpets minus the problematic side effects on your health and the health of our environment.

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