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Extreme Clean Chem-Dry is the supplier for unrivaled carpet cleaning services and products in Belmont Shore, CA. Our group of devoted carpet cleaning specialists are masters at reviving your carpet to its amazing original state. Extreme Clean Chem-Dry means you get the very best level of quality by using original cutting edge strategies and formulas. Moreover, our organization takes care of your carpets just as if they were our own carpets, this means you know you’re always in great hands!

Our Innovative Technique

Extreme Clean Chem-Dry utilizes a cutting edge technique to get your carpets cleaner than ever before. This revolutionary method is known as The Natural®, and you’ll be amazed at how effective it is at removing dirt and grime from your carpets. Other common methods, such as steam cleaning, uses excessive amounts of water and harmful chemicals in an attempt to clean your carpets, the problem is that these chemicals leave residue on your carpets, and because of the large amount of water used your carpet takes days to dry and becomes susceptible to mold. Our formulas are all green certified, meaning no harmful chemicals, and once we’re finished cleaning your carpets they will dry in just 2-3 hours, eliminating the risk of mold. You’ll love your experience with Extreme Clean Chem-Dry in the Belmont Shore area!

The Power of Carbonation

Our company attains these fantastic results by making use of the Power of Carbonation. This method engages tiny carbonated bubbles which are very efficient at separating dirt, grime, and scum in your carpet fibers. Those dirty debris then rise towards the floor surface where they're finally withdrawn with powerful suction methods. You’ll be surprised at the results when Extreme Clean Chem-Dry in Belmont Shore, CA is finished with your carpets.

Green and Clean

Extreme Clean Chem-Dry appreciates the planet, consequently we do our part to make certain minimal impact is made to the environment. Our company's products all are non-toxic and as a consequence are safe for the environment. Along with this being far healthier for the environment, it’s also harmless to yourself and your family! We realize that your family deserves the highest quality in relation to carpet cleaning products and services, this is why you can expect a product that is fast, effective, and healthy. Click or call to make your appointment today! Our professionals can be reached at:

(562) 900-4805

Get your carpets cleaned from the pros in these areas:

Belmont Shore | Virginia Country Club | Naples | Park Estates | Peninsula | Spinnaker Bay | Signal Hill | Belmont Heights | Bixby Village | Bixby Knolls | Los Altos | Lakewood


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