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Healthy Carpet Cleaning Long Beach CA

healthy carpet cleaning long beach ca

Our Healthy Carpet Cleaning Strategy Delivers the Best Results

A Process Which Delivers Healthy Results

Chem-Dry has always been dedicated to providing high quality and healthy carpet cleaning results in the Long Beach CA area. Some carpet cleaners may be able to provide clean carpets, but it may come with the cost of leaving behind mildew and other harmful bacteria, or using detergents loaded with potentially harmful chemicals. We've done extensive research in order to provide the cleanest carpets without sacrificing the health of our customers. Our process works by using a formula that is infused with the natural and incredible strength of carbonation, rather than chemicals and dirt attracting detergents. By using hot carbonated water we are able to explode the dirt out of your carpet fibers at a microscopic level and gently remove it with efficient suction techniques. We're proud to be able to offer such amazing carpet cleaning results without compromising the health of your home and family. You'll love your carpets and enjoy the peace of mind which comes from knowing you've chosen the healthiest option with Extreme Clean Chem-Dry.

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When it comes to healthy carpet cleaning in Long Beach CA, Chem-Dry has put in the research and development in order to deliver the best results. With many other carpet cleaners your carpets may appear to be clean, but bacteria and allergens may still be lurking unseen. Furthermore, it's common for carpet cleaners to use potentially harmful chemicals and dirt attracting detergents to make your carpets look clean. We feel our customers deserve to have clean carpets without sacrificing the health of their home. That's why we've developed a process which utilizes the power of carbonation to penetrate your carpet fibers and bring all the dirt and grime, along with allergens and bacteria, to the surface where it is easily removed. With Extreme Clean Chem-Dry you will not only get a amazingly clean carpets, but a healthier home for you and your family.

Tested and Proven

Our process has been put to the test to ensure our claims for healthy carpet cleaning isn't just hot air. To see just how effective our results really are we had a third party lab test our results. They found that when you use our hot carbonated method to clean your carpets we are able to remove 98.1% of common household allergens from your carpet and upholstery. Additionally, they discovered when you couple our healthy carpet cleaning method with our sanitizer we are able to remove 89% of bacteria from the air and 82.3% of bacteria from carpets. With results like that you can rest easy knowing your home is not only a cleaner place, but a much healthier one as well!

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